Cold & Cough Remmedy


Cold & Cough Remedy – Honey-Based Flu-Season Formula 

This Flu-Season formula has been a go-to remedy in our household for decades. The properties

of Elderberry are repeatedly recommended for dealing with the discomforts of cold and cough

related issues. We added the mucilaginous benefits of licorice as well as its sweet soothing

taste and a few other seasonal treats to help round off its overall benefits. A nice comforting

tea for the whole family when the noses begin to run and the throats begin to cough.

Ingredients: Honey, Elderberry, Mint, Mullein, Yarrow, Licorice, Angelica, Ginger

Use: Use as needed, simply take a spoon of Cold & Cough Remedy formula and stir it into a

standard tea cup of hot water making an infusion. Give the herbs some time to settle and enjoy

your lovely tea. While tea is a good way to take in warm fluids, to remain hydrated for optimum

body function one should be aware of the general benefits of increasing water intake

throughout the day.

Please consult with your doctor before using, this product is just a suggestion