Open Eyes Wholesale X 12 pc Case


Open Eyes – Honey-Based Stamina Formula

Open Eyes is a subtle and potent formula including Jasmine which is a noted aphrodisiac. It is

also said to offer positive supports for the liver helping to clear bloodshot eyes. This is an

uplifting tea that promotes being woke, so enjoy and then enjoy again…

Ingredients: Honey, Jasmine, Earl Grey, Cinnamon

Use: Use as needed, if you love it you will want to have it several times a day. Simply take a

spoon of Open Eyes formula and stir it into a standard tea cup of hot water making an infusion.

Give the herbs some time to settle and enjoy your lovely tea. While tea is a good way to take in

warm fluids, to remain hydrated for optimum body function one should be aware of the general

benefits of increasing water intake throughout the day.

Please consult with your doctor before using, this product is just a suggestion