Sleep-Aide Wholesale x 12 pc case


Sleep-Aide – Honey-Based Nervine Formula 

As the name suggests, Sleep-Aide is a combination of nervine related herbs that help promote a

restful body and relaxed mind. This is a combination of well-known herbs to help ease the

nerves and bring a sense of ‘laid-back’ into perspective. Of course, it tastes and smells delightful

too, so the very experience of enjoying this tea is something to ponder as you drift off to sleep.

Ingredients: Honey, Valerian, Linden, Passion Flower, Balm, Blue Vervain, Lavender, Skullcap,

Poppy, Rosemary

Use: Use as needed or typically in the evening, simply take a spoon of Sleep-Aide formula and

stir it into a standard tea cup of hot water making an infusion. Give the herbs some time to

settle and enjoy your lovely tea. While tea is a good way to take in warm fluids, to remain

hydrated for optimum body function one should be aware of the general benefits of increasing

water intake throughout the day.

Please consult with your doctor before using, this product is just a suggestion